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The iPhone 5 website covers all news, reviews rumors o n the iPhone 5. It  is likely to commence official manufacturing in 12 months, and it is going to be revealed early June according to rumours, so what precisely is going to be new and what precisely is heading to be ditched in the new soon to be subsequent gen iPhone?   Perfectly you only have to look and feel at the Smartphone industry all around you with their eight megapixel cameras, NFC Tech, Unibody Patterns and Twin Core CPU’s to know that Apple will contain all of the requirements below.

A excellent handset to examine out is the latest incarnation of the Galaxy line, the Galaxy S II. My bet is that a great deal of these characteristics will be in the iPhone 5.   The Apple iPhone 5 deals are being provided by all the leading UK service providers with a view towards augmenting sales of this product and offering attractive offers on this great new gadget. Instead of awaiting for new offers at stores it makes sense to do online research on the various offers that are to be available on this mobile. Doing this helps a large amount of money to be saved. Doing so will assist the user to get an affordable iphone 5. Many of the features available on the iphone 4 are scheduled to be improved upon in this soon to be released mobile.

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iphone 5 australia

Apple's iPhone 5 may be the biggest gadget to be released in 2012

The iPhone 5 is expected to be coming with an improved screen size for the first time in the Apple iPhone history. It will be an important step into the right direction for Apple as most of its competitors have begun using 4 inch touch screen display or even 4.3 inch units. So, the Apple iPhone will now be having the 4 inch display unit instead of the 3.5 unit that has remained the standard across the various versions. Now, the retina display technology is something that was praised incredibly on theiPhone 4 and it will be appearing on the latest iPhone 5. So far, only very few details have been confirmed and one among them has to be the eight megapixel camera that is going to be present in the phone.

The iPhone 5 is also going to be coming with a much improved dual core processor. It is also welcoming to know that this is the same processor that is going to be used in the Apple iPad 2, which will mean that it will be employing the A5 processor. In order to take advantage of the powerful processor, this mobile phone is also going to be coming with the Apple IOS 5, which is expected to make some few changes to the current version of the operating system from Apple. It is not clearly known whether the new iPhone 5 will be launched in the summer as originally planned, but rumours indicate that it could be pushed back a little further.

There are many indications that the new iPhone 5 will be as successful if not better than the current version of the iPhone given the incredible options that are going to be embedded into it. First among them will be the new A5 processor, which has also been included in the Apple iPad 2. This processor is expected to be used in the iPhone 5 without any major changes, which means that this will also become the first time that the iPhone brand will be having the dual core processor. This is expected to make a major difference to the plate that the OS is currently to be the phone, although many are suggesting that the iPhone 4 itself is one of the fastest phones currently available today. The iPhone 5 will be having about 1 GB of RAM, which is also in tune with the current requirements of mobile phones nowadays.

Do note that these expected features are not endorsed by Apple, but are instead speculated by both fans and experts alike, given the past smartphone releases of the company. As such, some of the things listed above may not be seen on the actual model. Have no fear though; as the expected release date of the Apple iPhone 5 draws nearer, more information about the smartphone will be given by the company so you will know what to expect from this iPhone model.